Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wisdom for Wednesday - Life Is Too Short

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On Friday, my family and I were returning home from a day of celebrating my son's birthday on the Kansas turnpike. We drive the turnpike a lot because of where we live. 

This time, however, we came upon an accident. Traffic was backed up both ways. We were stopped for quite some time, unable to see what was going on. I began praying for those involved and their families, knowing the outcome of a wreck that bad was not going to leave everyone "alright." 

As I sat there, I also began to feel sick to my stomach…thinking of the loss, pain, and suffering of those involved. I considered that just the day before, these people may have sat around a Thanksgiving table with family and friends. Perhaps they had just said their good-byes and were headed home from the holiday celebration. Their loved ones watched them leave, not knowing it was their final goodbye.

I began to think about how many times I say goodbye to my friends and family, fully expecting to see them again. It made me consider my rushed "goodbyes." And the words that often go unspoken as to how much those loved ones mean to me. I've been pondering this the last several days, so the following quote seemed fitting:

So may I just encourage you to tell your friends and family you love them, to hug them a little closer---today and always.

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