Monday, December 7, 2015

Extra Fun Thing Choices

Every Friday in the afternoon we have what we call an "Extra Fun Thing." The students that get all of their work done for the week and have followed all our rules during the week get to participate in it. They got to choose this time what they wanted to do and they were thrilled.  Here are the choices:

1.  Math Games
2.  Reading Games
3.  Play-Doh
4.  Puzzles
5.  Pattern Blocks
6.  Computer/Ipads
7.  Paint
8.  Drawing
9.  Coloring
10.  Whiteboard

All they had to do was find their clothespin with their name on it and pick a choice and off they went.  Here they are:

It is so easy to get ready for this and the kids love it!  It is a great motivator for a lot of them.  

Have a great week!

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