Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Break

I am officially on my Christmas Break!  I am ready for some down time and rest time.  :-)  I was able to enjoy a wonderful night with a dear friend of mine last night.  We went to Botanical Gardens and they have a beautiful display of Christmas lights.  On my way to pick my friend up there was a beautiful sun set!  Check it out!

Here were some pictures of just a few of the lights we saw (there were hundreds of lights....it had to be a lot of work).

I hope if you are on your Christmas break, you are relaxing some and enjoying your time.

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  1. I'm on Christmas break as well! My friends and I took our kids caroling at the nursing home. We had such a great time. Now I'm about to stay up late and watch TV with my husband. Have a wonderful holiday and a restful break!
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