Monday, October 12, 2015

Whole Brain Teaching

Ok, who does whole brain teaching?  I started incorporating some of it into my classroom a couple of years ago.  I know that there is a lot more that I could be doing with it so I was wondering what all you did with it if you use it.  Here is what I have done so far:

1.  Ready, Set Go!-I love this one because the kids have to listen to all of the directions first.  I found that in the past when I was giving directions they would start doing the first direction before I finished with all the directions.  The kids now listen to all the directions and then I say Ready....their response is Set Go and then they follow the directions.  

2.  Hands and Eyes-Whenever I want the kids attention and want them listening to me, I simply say hands and eyes.  They try to beat my by putting their hands together and eyes on me before I finish saying hands and eyes.

3.  Teach-OK!-I have kids with shoulder buddies and one is peanut butter and one is jelly.  I ask a question and I call out either peanut butter or jelly (whichever one I want to talk first) then I do an action like 3 claps and say teach in a certain voice (maybe a whisper).  Then the kids repeat my action and say OK in the same voice that I did.  After they do this then they talk to their shoulder buddies.

4.  Oh Switch!-When the kids are talking with their shoulder buddy and I want the other kid to talk, I say Oh Switch and they repeat Oh Switch and the other kid will start talking.

5.  Oh Yeah/No Way- I ask a yes or no question and the kids respond together with an answer of Oh Yeah or No Way.

I know that there are a lot of other things that can be done with Whole Brain Teaching.  If you have some other things that you are doing, please share with me because I am wanting to incorporate some more of it into the classroom.

Have a great day!

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