Monday, October 26, 2015

The Pigs, the Wolf and the Mud

We read The Pigs, the Wolf and the Mud in our reading book.  It was about the 3 little pigs and the wolf comes to get them in their mud hut.  In the end, the wolf doesn't want to mess with the pigs because they are messy and he doesn't like mud.  My co-teacher and I put the first graders into teams of 4.  They were to build a house and we (teachers) were the big bad wolves and we were going to try and knock down their house with the blow dryer.  Each team had to decide what type of material they were going to use to build their houses (popsicle sticks, dominoes, unifix cubes, or pattern blocks).  They practiced building and then we called each team up to a table and they had 3 minutes to build their house.  Then we tried to blow it over with the blow dryer.  The kids had a blast doing this and we had one team that we couldn't blow their house over.  They used unifix cubes and put them all together which made them more solid. Check it out:

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