Saturday, October 3, 2015

Five for...You Understand!

Good morning!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday late again

Picture #1 should be a mouse...or me attempting to get rid of a mouse. But I have to give you some backstory in order for you to fully appreciate my mouse story.

As you know, I have a pretty challenging class this year...

Monday was a great day! I felt like my class was coming along...learning my expectations, behaving fairly well. I have come to accept the fact that a "good day" is going to include some minor behavior problems. I left Monday feeling good...about my class, my ability to teach.

Tuesday was awful! I left feeling awful about my class and my ability to teach. I was determined to make Wednesday a better day!

The difference I decided--at least the part that I could control--was the following directions game. We are now playing this game for almost every single transition in our room.

Anyway, on Wednesday we were off to a great class (unusually quiet) on the rug for morning meeting.

One of them shouts, "There's a mouse!" 
It was true. I had seen the little pest the day before.

Picture the chaos that ensues as I try to get the mouse to flee into the hallway while trying to calm my class down. 

I really wanted to smash the thing, but I didn't think I should in front of the children. 

And our friend decided to be a stubborn one...or got too scared to move. 

I'm not sure which. 

So the chaos continued...for way too long. 

And when the mouse finally left our classroom, well I'll let you just picture what had happened to that quiet class on the rug off to a great start...

P.S. The mouse has been caught.

On to the pictures...

This is hanging outside my classroom door. My kiddos are loving the different things I come up with...sometimes defining a new word, a math problem, etc. They are disappointed if I forget to change the problem!

We played our "I Have...Who Has...?" game with our Unit 1 words as a whole group because we had a few extra minutes before recess. I usually like to play it in small group with each kiddo getting 6-7 cards. We struggle to listen and pay attention so this game is a challenge! I challenged them to "beat their time" so we could go play a few minutes early. We have LOTS of "I Have...Who Has...?" games in our TPT store if you're interested!


Our STAR homework is in full swing. I think I set the goal too low this year. They are blowing past it every week!  


Hotshots is going great! I haven't released them to do it on their own yet, but we are getting close.
Sometimes we work with partners. They are learning what working together actually means in room! I have one partner read the question. Both answer (unless one is completely stuck) and cover it with their hand. Then they "check." At that point, they have to decide if they agree or disagree. Then do some "math talk" to decide who is correct.

Sometimes we do it whole group. I just project it on the board and we STAY together to get it done! ;-)


You might remember that my son runs cross country, so I have never been one to watch football.

I prefer climate controlled sports! Ha!

Last night I ventured out to watch my nephew's football game. This is me...under two blankets and still freezing!

 Today I'm coaching the JV girls in a volleyball tournament, so I better get going!

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Oh my. Your mouse story makes me almost laugh...almost. I also feel bad for you, because of all years to have a mouse in the room I can only imagine this is the wrong one. :)


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