Monday, January 19, 2015

More Sight word fun and More Go Noodle!

I blogged before about some of the ways that we had been practicing our sight words.  Well, after checking the internet, I tried a couple of other ways to practice those sight words.

1.  Shaving cream!  Oh, how much the kids loved this (maybe not so much the teacher because of the stress of worrying about cleaning it up).  I showed them the sight word, then said it, then we wrote it in shaving cream while they spelled it out loud.  Then after practicing all our sight words for the week, I put all the words on the board and called out one of the words and they had to spell it in their shaving cream.  They were all smiles during this and the clean up wasn't too bad.  :-)

2.  Guess my word-I placed a word on the kids' backs and they had to find a partner to give them clues about their word and then they had to try and guess their word.  If they guessed it right then they took their word off and tried to go help give clues to other kids that hadn't figured their word out yet.  They had a lot of fun with it and came up with some good clues.  Some gave the definition of the word while others found words that were in the word (for example they said your word has the word out in it and the word was about).   I did make it clear to them that they could not spell the whole word out as a clue or just tell the word.  It was a fast and fun way to practice those words.

Our internet has been down at our school for a few days and we weren't able to do go noodle (which the kids love!).  So, when we got the internet back up, the kids were so excited because they knew that we could do go noodle again!

Have a great day!


  1. Love your blog! Is there a specific activity in GoNoodle that reinforces sight words?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I don't think there is anything on sight words, we just use it for a brain break now and then. It does have some math songs on it. :-)


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