Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday's Where Back to School-Teacher Week Linky

Welcome to day 2 of  Back to School-Teacher Week Linky!

Remember that I said that this year I was so excited because in 17 years, I have a brand new, newly constructed classroom!  Welcome to my classroom!  

This is the area where the kids come in and do his/her lunch count.  They find their stick and put it in the basket.....sack lunch, school lunch or alternate lunch.

This is the sticks where they choose what milk they want at snack time.

This is the behavior clip chart.  On this side they start on green and will move down for breaking a rule. 

This is the other side of the behavior clip chart.  If they demonstrate positive behaviors, they get to move their clip up to this area and we celebrate!

My walk in closet!!!   I love it......I am still organizing it as you can tell.  :-)

Sink area to wash hands after using the bathroom.

YAY!  I have bathrooms in the room.  I love having bathrooms in the classroom!  This saves a lot of time!  I had them one year and then moved to another room the next year where there weren't any bathrooms and I definately missed them!

My reading group and math group table.  

My whiteboard with a nice projector that hangs from the ceiling.

Lots of cabinet and counter space!

My desk area with beautiful windows!

Kids new desks and chairs!  The really cool thing is that you can write on them with an expo marker.  :-)

Prize chart-After 10 good days, kids get to choose a reward and will get their clip and clip it on their choice.

Rules and Calendar

Word Wall

Job Chart

There it is.....I'm loving my new room!  

Have a great day!

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