Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guided Math in Action - Chapter 9

I can not believe we are at the end of our book study! I am so excited to implement Math Workshop and Guided Math into my math block this year, I can hardly stand it. Seriously!

I went to my room yesterday, and I came home excited! Oh,  the possibilities of a new school year... 

I report back on the 18th, kiddos come on the 21st. And because I was the K-2 music teacher last year (in addition to teaching 2nd), I already "know" my kids. It is going to be amazing!

Okay, on with the study!

I'm not going to summarize much here because it is only fair that you buy the book for this chapter! There is so much detail and the lesson plans shared to start math workshop are very thorough-- your focus questions, enduring understandings, skills, assessments, and activities are all laid out for you.

I will share a few quotes.

"Rolling out the first 20 days of math workshop in your own classroom will take time, persistence, and consistency (pg. 117)."

"Taking the time to establish the routines is well worth the energy and the effort (pg. 117)."

These two are a good reminder to take the time needed to train kiddos on how you want math workshop to run! I know this from Daily 5, but I admit sometimes I want to "move on" and get to the "meatier" teaching. Don't do it! Be patient! 
I'm yelling at myself here in case you weren't sure. :-)

"Math workshop is always a work in progress...evaluate your workshop...reflect on what went really well and what you will do differently (pg. 134)."

Reflect, reflect, reflect! I am really going to try and do a better job of writing my reflections this year. In the past, it has mostly been in my head. Then the next year, I'm thinking, I didn't like something about this lesson...What was it?

I have already been hard at work preparing for math workshop. I've got my math groups binder ready. An initial assessment plan to guide me in grouping the kids for the first unit. I have gathered some games I will be using and put thought into the actual schedule.

I've yet to set up my small group area with my math tool kit...MUST DO! My small group area has been traditionally for reading groups, so I have a lot of reading resources at hand. I'll need to somehow organize my math things back there as well.

I also need to finalize my workstations and get a rotation board planned out. Still trying to find space for that one!

The main thing I will be doing is transferring the training that happens for Daily 5 to math workshop. I'll be making a lot of anchor charts about the way I want workshop to run, look, and sound. I'll be doing a lot of modeling!

Okay, got to go. I'm going with the youth department from our church to Worlds of Fun today. I'm sure I will have "worlds of fun" and maybe even ride a roller coaster or two! :-)

If you missed the previous chapters (and you might have because I've been forgetting to link up!), you can see them by clicking below.

Are you going to use Guided Math and/or Math Workshop this year?

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