Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Week!

What an exciting, but yet exhausting week this week has been.  It all started last Thursday when I received a phone call at about 4:30 p.m. from my step dad.  Now as soon as I saw that it was him calling, I knew something was wrong because he doesn't call at that time because he knows that I'm usually still working.  So, my stomach flips as I answer the phone.  He tells me that he is at the hospital with my mom.  Long story short, she had fallen and dislocated her shoulder.  :-(  

I left Friday right after school to go down and help take care of her (she lives about 2 1/2 hours away).  I stayed the weekend to help her out and on Sunday she started running a fever and just wasn't doing very well.  So, I decided to stay another night with her and get a sub for Monday.  I stayed Monday until about 9:00 pm and came home.  Got home at about 11:30 and by the time I got to bed and fell asleep, it was about 1:30 in the morning ( I am one that has to get sleep or I just don't function too well).  

Luckily for me, Tuesday was the 100th day of school and we were all dressing like we were 100 years old! How fitting was that since I was feeling like I was 100 years old by this time!  LOL!  Anyways, I was glad because I didn't have to decide what I was wearing.  All I had to do was put on my sweats, t-shirt, robe, slippers, glasses and grab my cane and I was good to go!  We had a great time with it and the kids looked so adorable.  Check them out:

Wednesday was the day to teach contractions.  So, in the past I have always done contraction surgery (students perform surgery on words to make them into contractions).  I used some of the pages in this cute packet that I found at Made by Common Core Corner:

Here is one of the students performing the surgery with her gloves on.  

Wednesday was also Kansas Day.  So, we celebrated Kansas Day by enjoying this adorable cake that one of the parents made for them. 


On top of this, I was observed and evaluated by my principal.  Needless to say, by Friday I was exhausted.  I was thinking that maybe I could sleep in this morning, but unfortunately I was wide awake by 6 a.m. thinking of all the things that I need to get done at home today (like the 100 7 loads of laundry, cleaning the house, getting groceries etc).  So, my goal for today is to get it done and get in a nap this afternoon!  

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Kristi,

    It sounds like you had a really rough week. :( I hope your mom is feeling better and that her shoulder is healing fast. Maybe us Kansans will get a snow day this husband and I have already gotten our hopes up for Tuesday!

    Mind Sparks


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