Sunday, February 16, 2014

Superspeed 100 in Reading!

This is a new game that we started this week and the kids absolutely love it and beg me to do it!  I found it at Whole Brain Teaching.  They actually use high frequency words in their game, but since we are later in the year, I decided to make up my own and do the words that we are working on for the week.  (I plan to use the high frequency word one at the beginning of next year and I have started using it in my MTSS groups this year).  They have also made a math one, that I would like to incorporate as well.
To play the game, the students work with their shoulder buddy.  They have to decide who is going to go first.  You time them for one minute and when you tell them to begin one person reads the first word, then the other person reads the next word and so on.  If their partner doesn't know a word, the other partner can help them with the word.  When the timer stops they mark the spot they ended up at and then they do it one more time with the other student starting first.  The goal is for them to try to get past the word they made it to. 
My students made the goal to try to reach the end of it by the end of the week.  Many of them made that goal while others went further by the end of the week.  I noticed that when reading our stories for the week, when they came to the word that we were working on, they remembered it, YAY!  It is so easy to do and only takes 2 minutes out of your day and the best thing is that the kids love it! 
Hope you have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a good idea - are the words in a list on a sheet of paper? Or on cards?

  2. Yes, they are on a list on a sheet of paper. You could put them on cards as well. :-)


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