Friday, February 7, 2014

Febuary Currently

I always like reading the Currently that gets posted monthly.  We have linked up with Farley for the February Currently:

 Listening:  I love watching and listening to my dogs play in the snow.  They love the snow because they are Siberian Huskies.
Loving:  It is so nice to have a day just to relax and enjoy looking out at the pretty snow.
Thinking:  I know that I should be taking advantage of this extra day off and get something done around the house.....but I just can't get motivated to do something.
Wanting:  I don't enjoy the cold and I am so ready to have some warm weather.
Needing:  Even though I'm being lazy today, I need to go and get my workout in for the day.
2 Truths:  I do drink about a pot of coffee a day :-(........I drink it straight without any sugar or cream.  I know that I need to cut back on it with all the caffeine in it. 
I have 2 beautiful dogs and 2 precious cats.
Fib:  I have never been to the Bahamas but would love to go there someday.
Head on over to do your February Currently.....can't wait to read yours. 


  1. I'm jealous of your snow day. We had a few last week and I was super lazy! That's the best way to enjoy a snow day though!

    I also NEED to get a workout in today. I've already taken a nap with the baby and I'm just prolonging it!! Why are the things we need to do not fun?!

  2. Well, nice to be visiting with you, Kristi. I enjoy reading your blog. Most of your posts come through my email through Bloglovin (I think that is what it is called) Anyway, back to your Currently.

    We had 3 snow days this week. I will tell you ~ I was pretty lazy that first day too. I kind of knew that we would not be going to school the next day because the snow was so bad so I waited to work on some school items that next day. By the third day, I was going stir crazy. I live in a small town and really couldn't go anywhere because the roads were not good. We don't have stores or anything in our town. We have a small gas station with snacks and pizza but that is about it. I was ready for school on that fourth day. :) I think my students were too.
    Take Care,

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  3. We've certainly had our share of snow/cold days. I find myself just sitting around being lazy on those days as well. :)
    Little Room Under the Stairs


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