Monday, February 17, 2014

We Are the Champions Means it's Time to Relax!!!

Today is a lazy day. I told my hubby I deserve it because coaching middle school basketball since November is like working overtime for four months! These girls had a great season finishing 15-1, taking 1st in regular season division play, and then fighting for the championship on Saturday. Take a peek:

That's me on the left and my daughter is right in front of me. She is #30. My niece is also on the team (#22, you can't see her number but she is right by #00) and it has been so fun to watch them play together. I'm a little bummed the two will be separated next year as my niece goes to high school...

That's all I've got I said, lazy! I promise more school related things next time. ;-)

Enjoy your week!


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