Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wisdom For Wednesday-Friends and Family

Thank you for joining us for another week of:
This quote says it all for me after this past Saturday.  As you all know now since Crystal’s last blog post, I had the Kansas Teacher of the Year Banquet on Saturday.  I knew my principal was going to be there to support me because she had asked if I had sent my invitation in because she was planning on being there.  I also knew that my husband was going to be there as well.  That was all that I thought was going to be there.  I knew that my mom wanted to be there but I didn’t think it was possible because I only had 2 tickets (one for me and one for my spouse). 
On Friday, I was going about my day as usual and went into our staff meeting.  To my surprise the whole school had made a video for me for being nominated for Kansas Teacher of the Year.  I was so touched-to think that they put in all that hard work and time (especially at the beginning of the year) to support me.  It brought tears to my eyes.
After school, Crystal called me (she is very sneaky) and said that she heard about the video but didn’t know what it was for.  I told her that they did it for the banquet dinner that was being held on Saturday.  She acted like she didn’t know that it was on Saturday. 
So on Saturday, which I will say all day long my stomach was hurting (nerves).  If you don’t already know, I am not one to be in front of a crowd etc.  So this banquet dinner was really out of my comfort zone.  Anyways, I get a text from one of the Kindergarten teacher (she is very sneaky too) asking me how I was doing etc.  She then asked if I wanted her to text me updates on the K-STATE game and how often did I want updates if so.  She knew that I would be missing the game since I would be at the banquet and she is a big K-STATE fan also. 
Then I get a text from Crystal telling me that she would be watching the 10 o’clock news to watch my acceptance speech.  LOL! 
When my husband and I arrive at the banquet, I first see one of the 6th grade teachers standing there.  I was shocked and then one by one they walked up to me……there was the 6th grade teacher, my principal, Title One Teacher, Title One Aid Teacher, my co-teacher, the sneaky Kindergarten teacher (who couldn’t give me updates on the KSTATE game since she was at the banquet with me J), and Sneaky Crystal (who played it off like she didn’t know about the banquet being on Saturday).  WOW-I was shocked, surprised and extremely TOUCHED!  As I write about them being there for me now….I can’t stop crying.  It meant the world to me that they took time out of their busy lives to be there for me. 
Then that wasn’t even the end of it.  I turned around and there was my mom standing there!!!!  Wow!  My  mother is so very supportive of me and has always been there for me.  The sneaky Kindergarten teacher J had asked me if my mom was coming to the banquet earlier and I told her that she wanted to but I didn’t get enough tickets.  So, she went straight to our principal to see if there was any way to get another ticket.  They were able to get it and she called my mom up to see if she could come up.  My mom was able to rearrange some things at home so she could be there. 
All I can say is that I am so blessed to have friends that are like family to me.  In the end, I didn’t win the Kansas Teacher of the Year, but I have won because I have friends that are like family to me!  Thank you to all of you for being there for me and to all of those that I know couldn’t be there but were supporting me all the way!  I am touched and feel very blessed!


  1. I cried just reading it. What a great group of friends and family you have. BLESSED:)

  2. What a wonderful sneaky bunch of friends! I'm glad that they were able to make your day all the more special.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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