Friday, September 6, 2013

Cute Little Pigs for Short I

This week in reading we were working on the short vowel i sound.  My co-teacher found this very cute art project at Kiddie Crafts 365 Blog that we decided to have the kids make.  We named the pigs-ICKY IGBY the Pig.  The kids had a blast with it and of course any time you bring out the paints, their eyes get big and they become very excited.  :-)  Although, I will say that I had some of the kids that didn't want their Igby Pig to be Icky.  They decided that they wanted her to stay clean.  Therefore, some of them were ICKY and some were just a clean Igby. 
The kids did a good job on them.  Here they are:

Next week, we are going to be working on l blends.  I have been trying to find a fun way to introduce them, but haven't been able to find much on l blends.  Any ideas?  How do you introduce and teach them? 
I'm also very excited because we will be ready to launch and start our Daily 5 next week.  We have been in training the last few weeks and they are ready to start it up!  YAY!  They have been doing a great job with it!  It has helped because our Kindergarten teachers did it last year with them, so they already knew how it works.  We just had to have a refresher course.  :-)  So, I'm hoping for a successful full week of Daily 5 next week! 
Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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