Saturday, September 21, 2013


Do you ever just feel like you will never catch up?  Well, I am there right now.  Seems like I have been spinning my wheels these last couple of weeks and barely keeping up.  Last night, I was at school until 7:30 just trying to get caught up.....key word....caught up, not get ahead LOL!  Anyways, not only am I not keeping up at school, but you should see my house....ugghhhh.  :-)
So, I'm asking if you have had any of those AH.....HA moments where you were like......why didn't I think of that before...I could have saved a lot of time.  I know that I have had a few of those moments, but I think I need more of them LOL!  I would like to know if you have found little ways to help with being more organized at school and at home that has helped you save time.....please share those with me. 
My other questions is not school related but does have to do with organization at home and that is closets.  My husband and I have 1 closet for both of our stuff and it is crammed.  I dread even opening it up because it is so unorganized (I like my stuff to be in order and if it isn't I get very frazzled)....any ideas on helping to organize it and make a little more room in it???? 
I hope all of you have had a great week!  I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting more organized as the year goes on!  Thanks!  :-)


  1. I have no suggestions for getting caught up cause I'm in exactly the same boat.
    But we have one closet too and hired a company to custom build a closet organizer. It's in faux maple to match our real maple floors and it's perfect. I highly recommend going that route. It cost $1200 and is worth every penny. Good luck!

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  2. I think we are all running like chickens. I feel a little better this year than last. I try to utilize all of the help that I can in my classroom. I use some of my stronger students to complete tasks like signi g students computer. Do you have a classroom assistant? Or maybe some parent volunteers? Utilize them. Send home things that they can cut out for you for label. As for home, my hubby and I have the same issue. I have a little more space than him but still not enough. My goal is to live simple and get rid of all of the extra clothes and shoes.


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