Sunday, September 15, 2013

Daily 5 and Math Rotations in Progress!

We finished our first full week of Daily 5.  I was so excited and proud of how well the kids did with it.  We did have one day where it was a little more difficult staying on task.  But, after we talked about what was seen and what we should be doing, the next day was great!  My principal came in and did a walk through observation and took some photos of what the kids were doing.  Every one of them was on task and doing exactly what I would want them to do!  YAY!  Check them out!

We also started our math rotation rounds (kind of).  I teach a lesson and then 6 of the kids go work on the math page for the day, 6 of them do math fact practice where they work on 50 mixed addition facts and if they finish they play the card game addition top it, and the remaining 6 work on something hands on that we have learned that week (this week we used 10 frames to add, so they did flashcards with them during this time).  We do each one for 10-15 minutes.  Later on, we will do Mountain Math instead of the extra game.  That is why I said that we are kind of doing the rotations now.  They are doing a very nice job with our math rotations as well.  On Thursday, I got excited because a couple of the kiddos were saying while they were working on his/her fact practice page, "Hey, I'm really getting the hang of this and getting good at it!"  I love hearing that and them catching on that they are getting better! 
Hope all of you have had a restful weekend!

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