Monday, September 23, 2013

D5 Update and Some Funnies!

Last week we started our Daily 5 rounds. It went good....a little bumpy the first couple of days, but by Friday the kiddos were doing pretty well. You may remember that I was using my projector and a PowerPoint presentation as a rotation chart...well, on Thursday my projector stopped working! Ugh! We went on to Plan B and I printed out the slides. Thankfully, it was a minor issue and my projector is up and running again!
Our secretary stopped in to snap some pictures for the school newsletter one day last week... Here's one of the first shots she got:
You might not be able to tell, but the cubes on the bottom right desk say, "dr__unk." Wonderful! Then she snapped another picture...another little sweetie had written on the top of her page "crap." Now I did know that the cubes had potential for these questionable words, but my kiddos last year would have notified me that they rolled a bad word. Then I told them not to write it down. I didn't want to start the activity by telling them that...well, you know then some would have tried for the bad word. Anyway, the secretary promised not to include those parts in the newsletter! Ha!
Maybe I should rethink those cubes for next year...

Here's a picture of my kiddos in music. We pulled out the bells this particular day. Anytime I pull out the instruments, I am a "rockstar teacher." LOL! Instruments even work on Kindergartners (who are making progress, by the way). 

Here's another funny...
A first grader in music, " Are we having a program?"
"Well, of course we are," I said.
First graders cheer as if I had just done something amazing.
Then I thought...hey, it will be amazing if I can get these kiddos ready for a program. And then I wondered...were they thinking the same thing? Ha! ;-)


  1. Oh I hadn't thought about you having the extra responsibility of a music program. You need extra pay for that one!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I LOVE first grade! I teach PE so whenever I am demonstrating their activity: tossing a bean bag into a hula hoop, dribbling a ball, jumping rope...they always clap and cheer when I finish. I just have to laugh. Maybe that's what they think "I can't believe she did that hard task!" Actually I just think they are so positive and upbeat:)


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