Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Newest Additions to our Family

This year has been a tough year for my husband and I with the loss of our pets.  Within a year and 2 months we lost 4 of our pets.  :-(  Our pets are part of our family so it was really hard each time that we lost one of them.  

Aspen Zoe (13 years old)

Kody (13 years old)

Lucky (18 years old)

Zeus (13 years old)

We miss them all very much!

We had one Siberian Husky dog left that is 9 years old and you could imagine how he was doing when he was the only one left.  He has been very down and depressed with the loss of his other family members.  He has always been with another dog and they say that Siberian Husky dogs are good in packs and should always have a companion besides a human one. 


Raquium (9 years old)
So, we have added a couple of pets to our household.

Trust me......her sleeping is a rare occasion. Don't let her fool you!  LOL!

Nanook (6 weeks old)


Gidian (1 year old)  He is very modest as you can see!  LOL!

They have been fun to have around.  My husband and I are extremely tired and had forgotten how much work a puppy is......lack of sleep is all I have to say.  As for the cat, I was used to my 18 year old cat that liked to lay around like me........not this one, he has a bunch of energy being only 1 year old.  LOL!  I was thinking that I may get some rest this summer, but now I am reconsidering that thought with these additions to our household.  :-)

I hope all of you that are officially on summer break are enjoying it and getting some much needed rest!  Kristi


  1. Aww, enjoy your household of new pet family members.

    1. Thank you! We definitely will enjoy them! :-)

  2. I hope your furry little family enjoys their summer together.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Oh, that's so tough, losing so many pets like that. One is hard enough.
    Your new pack members look VERY happy. Hopefully Raquium is feeling better with his new buddies:))

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was definitely rough losing that many in a year. Like you said one is hard enough in itself.

  4. I love this post because I love seeing all of your cute little pets! How adorable! I am so sorry for your loss...loosing a pet is extremely difficult as they are definitely a part of your family. I hope the new ones are adjusting well!

    Glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower!

    Learning to the Core

  5. Thanks so much! So glad you have joined us. We have become a new follower of yours as well. :-)


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