Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Desk Name Plates.........Broken Things....ugghhhh!!!

Well, you remember when Crystal posted about how some of her things were breaking........I believe that I might be the queen of broken things.  When it pours! 

It all started with our computer.  It broke down.....luckily my brother-in-law went to school for computer technology and can help fix our computers when they do break down. He does live about 1 1/2 away so we had to make a trip down to have him help us out.

Second, my cell phone broke.........luckily my husband was able to fix it.....unfortunately the fix only lasted about a week.  Therefore, I have been without a cell phone for awhile now.  I didn't think I would survive at first (what did we ever do before when we didn't have them), but I'm kind of getting used to it now.  I do have to say that I miss texting my friends.  :-(  Hopefully, I will have another one soon.

Third, my dishwasher broke.  Luckily, I could order a cheap part for it and my husband has fixed it and it is now working.   YAY!!

Finally, my washer broke.  Once again my husband can hopefully fix it.  We are now just waiting on the part to come in. 
This isn't what mine did, which I'm glad it didn't do this.........LOL!

I am hoping that this will be the end of things breaking on least for awhile LOL!!

On another note, our new little puppy is growing fast and Raquium (our 9 year old) has taken quite a liking to the least when she isn't biting (trying to play) with him.  :-)

On to some school stuff.  I have been thinking a lot about things that have to get done right before school starts and one thing that I started to really think about is desk name tags.   These are something that for some reason I have had a hard time with every year.  They don't stay, they get torn, etc.  I need some ideas of what to do.  I have seen some different ideas such as Velcro, hot glue, tape.......I am still unsure of what to do for them.  I would love to hear how you do your desk name tags. 

Hope all of you have a great rest of the week! 


  1. I don't do name tags. I just write their names and such right on the desks with Sharpie and clean it off at the end of the year. This works for me because the torn, yucky name tags were getting to me, big time! But it also isn't the best solution if you have helpful info on the name tags like hundreds charts or cursive alphabet, etc.

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  2. That is a good idea......what do you use to clean off the Sharpie?

  3. I'm so sorry about the broken items. I believe you've met your quota! I use nametags. I laminate them and use packing tape underneath. They work pretty well actually.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Thanks.....yes I definitely hope I've hit my quota on broken things! LOL! How much tape do you use for each one? Thanks for the great idea!


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