Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made-It and Theme Advice Please!

Well, I finally finished my teacher toolbox! 

I decided to go with one like Kristen's from Ladybug's Teacher Files. 

I found the same toolbox, spray painted it red, and used Kristen's free printable labels to finish it off. I like being able to see in the drawers and can't wait to get this to school and put it to use. I think it will be perfect since I got rid of my teacher desk this year!
I will *not* tell you how long it took this OCD gal to get the labels all hot-glued on perfectly straight and even. :-)
I was also busy making some things to go with the curriculum I will be using at my new school. We use Reading Street and this year I'm going to try doing a Reading Focus Wall.
I made posters of the weekly spelling words and amazing words.

A set for Unit 1 is a FREEBIE in our TPT store and TN store. I'll be working on the rest of the units soon!
I also made an "I have, Who has?" game for Unit 1 (TPT and TN). If you've followed us for very long, you know Kristi and I love these. I like having them for each unit (as well as specific sounds and skills). We start playing the first week of the unit so the kids become very fluent with the words by the end of our unit.
I know, I know. I've been busy!
I made a Word Wall Pack (TPT and TN) too. This set includes all the high frequency/vocabulary words for the year, a set of headers, the months and days of the week, and one blank page with colorful borders so you can add your own words. I labeled each card with an abbreviation such as U1W1 to help me stay organized (remember OCD???).

Both the "I have, Who has?" game and the Word Wall Pack are on sale until Wednesday, so head on over and snatch them up at a discounted price if you like.
Okay, on to my theme dilemma. You may have noticed that I have fallen in love with this rainbow border from The 3AM Teacher. It is cute and fun without making me see $$$ when I think of printing! Maybe it is the former secretary in me, but some of the products I'm seeing for sale right now--while they are SUPER cute--make me have a little panic attack when I think of the cost of printing.
Anyway...the border inspired me to maybe just go with a "colorful classroom" this year. I have had a sports theme the last three years, but I am kind of tired of it.

So what is the problem, you ask???
My notebooks...I had a TEAM Playbook (think FROG Notebook, BEE Notebook, MOOSE Notebook, etc.) that each of my kiddos used to help them stay organized. If I go with a "colorful classroom," what could I call my notebook???
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  1. Super cute! I love the idea of making each spelling list on a separate page. Another to do for this summer... Thanks for sharing!

    I Love My Classroom

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. :-)

      Teaching Little Miracles

  2. That toolbox is great. You're right about the see through bins---it helps with everything.
    Don't forget to add in a REAL toolbox w/ tools too. I use mine almost every day in school from screwdrivers, hammer, and everything else in between.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

    1. Thanks for the advice, Matt. I'll have to think on that real toolbox!

      Teaching Little Miracles

  3. How about Orange You Glad Your Organized for your binder names. Or maybe alliteration...bubbly blue...rad red etc. :)
    Good luck and I love your toolbox
    Rock Stars At Work

  4. Oooh...Good thoughts! I'll have to keep thinking on it. Thanks for the ideas!


  5. Oh I like the red with the black! Looks terrific!

  6. There is RAINBOW ( responsibility, achievement, information, neatness, & better organization wins) , KID ( keep informed daily), HOME (help organize me everyday),


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