Sunday, April 29, 2012


This week, we were very excited for our extra fun thing.  At our school, we are so lucky to have a parent that loves to come in and do various activities with students at all grade levels.  So, this week we were fortunate to have her come in and make homemade butter with the kids.  The kids were put in groups and were told the directions on how to make the butter.  They used their big muscles to shake the cream and milk until it turned into some nice smooth butter.  You should have seen their eyes when they saw how it changed from a liquid to a solid.  They were very impressed with themselves LOL!  After making the butter, they were able to enjoy it on some homemade rolls!   We had a blast!  Check it out!

Hope all of you have had a restful weekend and are ready to start a new week tomorrow!  Have a great week!

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