Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Student = I’m exhausted!!!

Okay, so I am still fairly new at teaching (2nd year) and I have never had a new student before, so forgive me if all you veteran teachers are saying, “Well, duh!” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I knew getting a new student would be a challenge – especially this time of year – but WOW! I am so tired! My class right now is was like a well-oiled machine in regards to routines and procedures. I was planning to happily coast through the next 22 days. But (big BUT) remembering how to explain all the little things about procedure, routine, schedule, etc. is just exhausting. I guess I feel much like I did at the beginning of the year! Whew!!!

My new student came on Tuesday which was a busy day for me anyway. My own children are in 4-H and sold Blue and Gold Sausage (very good, BTW, if you ever have a chance to get some of their products). The meat came in Tuesday so I had to “fly” to the town where I live on my plan time (25 miles away) and “fly” back to deliver meat to my coworkers because I do not have room to store it at my house. Fortunately, I can take a toll road to my town which allows me to drive 80 75 so I made it back just in time to dismiss my kids for the day so I could explain to my new student where she needed to go! Then I had to run around like a crazy person walk around and calmly deliver the meat before leaving quickly to go to my son’s track meet an hour away. I made it just in time to see him run his mile – his favorite race – and I’m glad I did! He ran it in 5 min. 57 sec., his fastest time ever, and he got first place!

My son is in 6th grade this year and because my kids go to a small school, 6th graders are allowed to do middle school sports so they have enough participants (even though they are not technically in middle school). This has made me feel really old, by the way…having a child in “middle school” sports. The sad part is next year when he is “officially” in “middle school” it will be my daughter (my youngest) in 6th grade. My years of being an elementary school mom are over I’m afraid…

Anyway, things went a little smoother with my new one today. She remembered our morning procedure without me saying a word! Yeah!!! Maybe that well-oiled machine is not far away…I HOPE!
Oh, and here is a funny video I thought I'd share about the 6 Phases of Teaching. Warning! My husband just informed me that one of these songs have a cuss word - I did not even notice! Too busy reading the funny sayings and watching the cats!

Have a great evening! This is my one free one for the week! Woohoo!

P.S. Our main story this week was Olivia so we are doing a cute and simple “extra fun thing” tomorrow. We’ll post pictures when it is all finished. J


  1. It's always an adjustment getting a new kid. But this late in the year. WOW! Procedures! Procedures! Procedures! :-)

    First Grade Delight

  2. Yep! Definitely working on those procedures...the week ended well so hopefully we are on the right track!



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