Wednesday, May 2, 2012

School Memory Book

So I have been missing my co-teacher the last couple days. Kristi had a little mishap this weekend that required her to be laid up for a couple of days. Praise the Lord she is coming back tomorrow - though I think her doctor would rather her continue to take it easy! Her kiddos have definitely been pushing things little angels in her absence. And I've been getting a ton of work done because we have not been running to the other's room to chat collaborate during our plan time. It is just not normal and I miss her! :-)

The good news is that while Kristi was laid up, she worked on a great School Memory Book and posted it on TPT. We do one of these every year and the kids just love them. Head on over there and check it out.

Counting down the days - 12 more to go (with kids - 14 total)!

Kristi and I are both trying to continue with as much normalcy as possible and plunge ahead in our lessons, but so many things are popping up to mess up our schedules. What about you? Still in the routine? Or busting out and letting loose? Ha ha!

Have a great evening!


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