Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We've been tagged!

Erin at First With Franklin tagged us! What fun!

Okay, so here are the rules:

Post these rules

Answer the 10 questions posted for you.

Create 10 questions that you want to ask people that you will be tagging.

Tag ten people and link them with your post. Don't forget to let them know that they've been tagged!

Here are her questions and our answers:

Kristi – purple (K-State)

Crystal blue (KU)

1.   Did you always want to become a teacher?


No! My first degree was in accounting.

2.   PC or Mac?



3.   What is your favorite TV show?

Criminal Minds

Person of Interest

4.   What is your favorite lesson/activity to do with your students?

Phonics lessons


5.   What color are your eyes?


Greenish Blue

6.   If you were given $10,000 for your classroom what would you do with it?

Build a safe room (don’t ask – LOL!)

Set of laptops for students to use

7.   How long have you been blogging?


8.   Where would you most like to vacation?


Caribbean Cruise

9.   Favorite guilty pleasure?


Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles

10.    What is the first thing you do when you get home from school?


Make dinner

Here’s our questions for those we tagged:

1.         How long have you taught?

2.         What state do you teach in?

3.         What are your contract hours at school?

4.         Lunch – duty? or duty free?

5.         What reading series do you use?

6.         What math series do you use?

7.         What is your favorite hobby?

8.         What is the last movie you watched?

9.         What is your favorite season and why?

10.     What is your favorite game to play with students?

Here is who we tagged:

Castles and Crayons
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Can't wait to see your answers. Hope you play!!!

Kristi and Crystal

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