Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mystery Student

A few years ago toward the end of the year when my class was ready for summer break, I counted up the days and realized that we had several days of learning left to go in the year.  I needed to do something!!  So, I developed what I called the "Mystery Student" to encourage good behavior.  I have decided that it is desperately needed again this year.  I informed the students that I had drawn 5 names from the sticks.  These students are not told who they are, but do know that I am watching for 5 different positive behaviors. 

They are:  
  1. Working hard and quietly
  2. Sitting Criss Cross Applesause
  3. Having good eyes and being a good listener
  4. Raising your hand
  5. Lining up with and walking in the hall with bubbles and ducktails
Throughout the day, I will make comments like:  I wonder if my mystery student is working hard? etc.
The next day, I will announce who the mystery student was if they followed the rule.  They then get a ticket, put their name on it, and put it in a container.  At the end of the week, we have a drawing and the name that gets pulled out will receive a positive written letter that goes home to their parents. 

I thought that since it is that time of year, this may help out.  My students love to find out if they are the mystery student and as soon as I say "I wonder if my mystery student is being a good listener" etc. they straighten up quickly. 

I hope you have a blessed Easter!


  1. Cute idea!! Have a great Easter weekend!!!

  2. Thanks! Hope you have a great Easter weekend as well!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the Daily 5 comments. In IL we do RtI- Response to Intervention (or Road to Insanity, depending on who you ask! lol) that sounds a lot like your MTSS. One of my first thoughts with Daily was maybe I could manage to pull some RtI groups during the independent times. Not sure how it will all work, but it's worth a try.
    I think I'm going to attempt to let my students do AR test during the working with words Daily 5 group. By October, my students can normally log in and find their tests, and I just have to put in the monitor password at the end. Since we have iPods, they can just hand them to me without saying a word and I can enter the password while still meeting with a group. (I also think one of my students next year will have an aide, so I'm hoping she could do that part for me. ) Sorry, just kind of thinking out loud here. Let me know if you figure out any other great ideas for interventions/Daily 5/AR.
    First with Franklin

    1. Erin - we just had staff development today with some talk about the MTSS...I'm such a planner, I want to know the schedule NOW! :-) Oh well, in good time, I guess and then maybe I can figure out how it will all work.


    2. I totally understand! I tagged you- come over and see what that means! =)
      First with Franklin

  4. Great idea! I'll have to put that to work in my classroom, thanks for the tip and stopping by my blog.

    Jamie :)

    Oh First Grade Friends

  5. Hi I'm your newest follower! I found you off of TBA's First Grade Blogs. Looking forward to reading what you have to write!


    ♥Teaching Little Apples♥

  6. Very cute idea...Thanks for following our blog. We will add you to our list! Good luck for a great rest of your school year!!!



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