Friday, August 18, 2017

The Reading Strategies Book Study - Goal 13

Hi there! I can't believe we are at the end of our book study. I have so enjoyed learning from others as I dug into this book. If you have yet to purchase The Reading Strategies Book (affiliate link), I highly recommend it. I'm excited to give some of my new favorite strategies a try this year with my students. 

Today we are taking a look at Goal 13 - Improving Writing about Reading.

If you're just getting started with the book, don't worry. You can catch up by visiting these posts:

This goal is something that I haven't really been concerned about teaching younger students, and Serravallo agrees as she explains, "It's the rare first-grade student for whom writing about reading will be the most important goal at any point in the year." 

I would add to that few second-graders as well. I spent three years teaching 1st grade and four years teaching 2nd grade. Most of our reading time was spent on strengthening decoding skills, fluency, and comprehension.

Here's a few of my favorite strategies:

13.2 Quick Stops Using Symbols

This strategy teaches using symbols to remind the reader of their thoughts. It is the idea of a "stop and jot" to lessen the interruption in reading engagement. Then when the student wants to revisit their thinking, they can look at the symbol to remind them of their thoughts. Love this anchor chart:

13.7 What's Worth Keeping?

I picked this strategy because several of the strategies use sticky notes (I love sticky notes...I mean I really wanted to pick the strategy titled Buying Stock in Sticky Notes 13.4 just because of the name! Ha!), and I can see how it would be important for students to evaluate when a sticky note is worth keeping.  Here's some thoughts about sticky notes worth keeping:

It helps me understand my book.
It connects to my goal.
It will help me talk to my teacher about my reading.
I will use it to springboard conversation.
I intend to use it to write a longer entry about my reading.

13.18 Reacting, Responding

I just love this...from the Teaching Tip section: The point of this lesson is not to kill the aesthetic experience of reading with an assignment. Instead, it's an invitation to children to use writing as a tool to hold on to their most powerful feelings in response to something they've read.

Yep! I mean...this is how I study the Bible. As I'm reading, I stop and jot notes about what the Lord is speaking to me about concerning specific verses. There is just something about writing things down that more permanently imprints them on our minds and hearts. 


I want to hear from you! Tell me about your favorites either in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Don't forget to check out the other blog posts below for more thoughts and ideas!

This concludes our weekly book study. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed school year as you head back (if you haven't already)!


  1. I also loved 13.18! I also jot down little thoughts as I'm reading and I always have! By using this strategy, you could be giving a child that "spark" to react to books in a way they'll use for their whole life! I've enjoyed participating in this book study so much! Thanks for all of your work organizing it and creating the wonderful graphics. Have a blessed school year!

  2. I agree with Katie! Thanks so much to both of you and the other bloggers for letting me be a part of your study even though I'm not a blogger. I've enjoyed "expanding my horizons" through reading what others have thought of the strategies in this book. I liked the ideas in 13.1 and 13.11 and plan to use these with my students this week. It helps readers focus on a good reading memory they have and create a plan to make more of these types of good memories as they read (as well as thinking of bad reading memories and analyzing what went wrong). I also like the Five-Sentence Summary strategy in 13.8 because summarizing is not easy for most 3rd graders and this breaks it down into easy-to-understand language for them. Ladies, have a wonderful school year! God bless you as you invest in the lives of young ones.

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for following along with us and taking time to comment. I loved reading your ideas. I hope you have a wonderful school year as well!



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