Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sight Word and Phonics Practice

This week we practiced our sight words with a beach ball and a connect four game.  I taped our sight words onto a beach ball and we passed it around until the music stopped.  When it stopped, whatever words the student's hands were on, they had to read the words.  We also played our sight word connect four game.  I'm excited to report that all the students could read their sight words by the end of the week!  YAY!

To practice our phonics skill, we used one of our connect four games from TPT.  The kids always get excited when we play one of these games.  I love that they have fun with it, it is easy to get ready and they are learning all at the same time!  

Long o (spelled with o,  oa,  ow, and  oe) Game Pack

Have a great week!

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