Thursday, April 13, 2017

Five for Friday--A Whole Lot of Random!

Happy Friday (a day early)!

If you are like me (and are off tomorrow), all day today felt like Friday and you are completely confused.

For some reason, I could not wrap my mind around that!

Add to that Spring party day, and I was completely confused. 


This was a real conversation this morning...

Student: "Yay! It's party day!"
Me: "What? What party? 
Student: "Easter party!"
Me: "Rrrrriiiigggghhhhttttt." (said slowly, as I thought, Is that today?)

Thankfully, our PTO is in charge of getting room parents who will plan parties, so I knew everything was fine for the actual party.

Despite my confusion, I did manage to snap some pictures to share this week (two of which made this teacher do the happy dance). 

Kacey even has the linky ready early!


 I have a cabinet of games (inherited from previous teacher) that we pull out for Fun Friday. This is my fourth year at this school and this is the first time my students were curious enough to open up a bag that was unmarked. They were excited to put together and play this bean bag toss game. :-)


Let's just say last week didn't go so well... 
However, I'm happy to report that with me being EXTREMELY consistent (sometimes that is so hard--can I get an amen?), we had a much better week!


This was such an exciting moment, I had to snap a picture! 
I had a student actually transfer what we have been learning about open number lines to his counting coins on his HOTSHOT!
P.S. Open Number Lines task cards came from Blair Turner.


These boys were actually choosing to read during our Spring party! We are having a friendly AR competition between the boys and the girls, and right now the boys are behind. The party games didn't last quite long enough, so everyone was working on some Easter coloring pages. These three opted to read instead. Insert heart emoji here. :-)


Our church recently hosted a ladies retreat for about 300 ladies. I had my table set up in the craft room to sell copies of my Bible study, There's a Fly in my Tea! The retreats are always a good time and the messages were wonderful. It was also fun to meet people who had been reading the study and those that were seeing it for the first time. I pray daily for those who are reading it--that it would be a blessing and an encouragement to them. If you are interested in my writing, please visit me here.

That does it! I'm officially ready to start my long weekend!

It is going to be a wonderful weekend to celebrate The Risen Savior!

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