Sunday, April 23, 2017

ABC Order, +10/-10, and Contractions

We have been practicing a variety of skills this past week.  It started with working on ABC order.  After teaching a lesson on it,  the kids got some cups and found 10 different words in their reading books and wrote them on the cups.  They then had to line them up in ABC order and then stack them up.  It was amazing how focused each on of them were during this time.  I had several even come in the next day asking if we were going to do that again.  I guess I better figure out some more ways to use the cup stacking.  :-)

The kids have been working a lot on +10 and -10 and being able to do it mentally without using a number grid.  They are getting pretty fast!  We played musical desks with it.  Each kid wrote with their expo markers (love that they can write on their desks) a 2 digit number.  Then the music started.  When the music stopped, they had to find a desk and write the number that was 10 more and 10 less than the number on the desk.  If they were right then they got to stay in the game.  Toward the end of the game, they begged me to let them do a 3 digit number.  We did a few of them and they did pretty good.  Some did 100 more and 100 less instead.  :-)

Finally, we worked on contractions.  I love doing contraction surgery when teaching contractions.  I told the kids that I was a Dr. that day and that I was going to be doing surgery.  I did a couple of them and then told them that I was really getting tired.  Then I told them that I was sad because I had all these patients that needed surgery.  They were so excited and raised their hands saying that they could do it for me.  So I told them they could finish all the other ones.  I gave them a pair of gloves and some band aides and they got busy.  I found these awesome worksheets to help with the surgery from Common Core Corner.  

Hope you have a great weekend!

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