Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday - Memorizing Scripture

Good morning!

I'm up early after a late night of volleyball and in need of some energy! It was a fun night though. The head coach reached his 500th career win and our varsity team (29-2) took first place in league play. We will have our league tournament on Saturday, one more outing on the 18th, and then it is GO time. As in "go" to state, I'm hoping! :-) The JV/C teams that I coach are 21-5 so we are having a successful and fun year. 

Anyway, I know you are probably not here to read about volleyball so let's get to the Wisdom!

This week's Wisdom comes straight from the source (and is probably familiar to you):

I know I've had this verse memorized for years. 
And I have memorized many short verses and passages over the years. 

This year has been different. 

The FB group Teachers in the Word put out a prayer journal for this school year centered around Psalm 119. The chapter is broken down into 4 verses each week in the journal. 
Do you know where this is headed? 

Yes, I determined in my heart to memorize the verses!

All 176 verses! Yikes!

Am I crazy? Maybe.

But I can tell you that after six weeks and 24 verses, I have meditated more on Scripture than I have in years! 

It has given me a new love and appreciation for God's Word. It has given me a determination to keep His Word, to seek Him with my WHOLE heart, and so much more. It has helped me stay positive at the beginning of a school year that has not started so positive. It has given me something to "do" when I am having trouble sleeping, riding in the car, or just killing time somewhere. It has changed me--which is exactly what God's Word will do when we give it the time and attention it deserves.

New to memorizing Scripture? 
Start small and go for it!

It is worth it because…
God's Word Changes Lives!

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