Saturday, October 15, 2016

Five for Friday!

Woohoo! It's Saturday and I am NOT at a volleyball tournament for the first time since August. Don't misunderstand! I love coaching and I love tournaments, but I am so ready for a free Saturday.

Speaking of volleyball, that leads me to my first picture for today's Five for Friday!


Yep, that's us. Ranked #4 in the state! Woohoo!

Last year, we made it to state and didn't play well. Our goal this year is to make it and COMPETE. Sub-state is next Saturday, and if we win, we will play in the state tournament the next weekend.


A before picture would have made this so much better...but I'll try to explain. This is my "command center" that sits on my kitchen counter (you can read all about it here). 

Do you see how thin the "To File" folder is? I usually file on long breaks from school, think Spring Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break, etc. Well, that file was busting at the seams.

An unexpected day off due to a power outage was the perfect opportunity to take care of that. Guess what? I hadn't filed since Spring Break! Insert embarrassed face emoji here. I blame the shoulder surgery this summer.


Disclaimer: These next two pictures are completely unflattering, but well, let's just be real.

Coaching volleyball has made it hard to watch my son run Cross Country, but I was finally able to make it to a meet this week. He ran his fastest time since blowing out his knee his freshman year, so I was pretty excited to be there.

So excited I faked death.

Not really.

We have had some major tech issues this year as we are switching tech providers. It has been a bit frustrating for all of us, so my principal sent out this video (hilarious!) and encouraged us to all share our pictures.
P.S. My son was too embarrassed to take it. LOL!


This guy was so excited about the shed he built during "Fun Friday" (with one hand) that he asked me to take a picture. Think indoor recess for the kiddos who complete all their work and behave well during the week. I even broke out the paints this week, so they were super excited. :-)


I'm struggling a bit this year, so when I saw this it just resonated with me. Several special needs students moved into our small district this year, and we are so understaffed. We are slowly finding people willing to make the drive to our rural schools, but these first couple months of school have been challenging in a way that I just cannot fully describe. Add to that the normal "busyness" of teaching, coaching, and completing the final steps in the publication process of my book. This quote just reminds me to keep looking up and takes me back to "my mantra" - Embrace the Day!

Thanks again to Kacey for this fun linky!

Here's wishing you a restful weekend!

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  1. #4 in the state! That's great! I did a version of Fun Friday this week. I'm not sure if I'll do it weekly, but I might. I need to think of some fun and engaging but educational activities that kids can earn. Congrats to your son!
    Laughter and Consistency


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