Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Busyness!

Is it just me or does it seem like summers are busy?  I think my problem is that I hold off on doing everything all year because I'm too busy and tired from school and I try to get it all done in the summer.  I've been busy painting, pulling up a wood floor and organizing things.  I looked at my fitbit at 10:30 and couldn't believe the steps that I had already taken:

15,801 steps by mid morning.  This has become a pattern for would think that I would start losing some weight.  LOL!  

I had to add a dog bath to my schedule as well.  My poor dog has fleas so bad!  I put frontline on her and it didn't help.  So, she  we got a dawn soap bath to help kill those fleas off of her.  I say we because with her shaking off the water so many times, I was soaked by the end of it as well.

I think I'm ready to slow it down a bit and start taking a few naps during the day before it's too late.

Hope you are enjoying your time off!

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  1. I'd hate to think about the number of steps I take during the summer. I spend a lot of time reading on the couch. :)


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