Friday, June 24, 2016

Long Time...No "Write"

Hey there! It's me, Crystal. :-)

I thought I'd bring you up to speed (mostly through pictures because typing is still a challenge) on the last few weeks--still not teaching related if that is the only reason you stop in, you can click away...I would apologize, but we're on summer break you understand!

Three weeks ago the kids and I went on a school trip to Washington DC! We've been planning, fundraising, and saving for this trip for two years. 

We had a great time! It was jam-packed with seeing sights and there was way too many people everywhere for this country Kansas kid, but I'm so thankful we got to experience seeing our nation's history up close and personal. 
Definitely leaves one to wonder how our country has gotten to where it is today, but explaining that would require me getting on my soapbox...I'll spare you! ;-)

We flew in on a Friday night, the kids left for church camp in CO the next morning, and I reported bright and early for shoulder surgery  that Monday morning.

Surgery went well. More extensive damage than they expected...not too surprising since I injured it in September. I am in this sling/brace thing full-time for another week and then I really hope I can start taking it off some (or burn it already!).

I definitely underestimated how difficult it would be without my dominant arm. 


I can not even begin to explain... 

Happy to say that I'm almost two weeks post-op and doing well. I struggle between doing nothing (because I'm so limited, it is annoying) or trying to do too much!


  1. Your trip looks like a blast. Although I've been to other nation's capitals, I've never been to my own!

    1. It was great! You should go, but I would suggest a less busy time. The place was crawling with student tour groups!



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