Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wisdom for Wednesday-Storms

Welcome to this week's:

We received this during the week as an email that came from a blog by Carol Moehrle.  I wanted to share it because I thought it was some good wisdom!

The energy of a storm can be violent. Storms can come from the wind, rain, snow or ice. As much as we may try, we can not stop these environmental storms. We may hope and pray that they don't hit us, and we may worry and fret until we are making ourselves sick. What we know is that we have no power over the weather or the storm it may bring. Our worrying will do nothing to ease the storm or make it go away.

Spending your time and energy worrying about a storm can leave you exhausted and spent. This worrying can deplete you of the calm, positive energy you need to deal with the outcome and the consequences.

Just like environmental storms, we all have internal storms from time to time. These storms may be family issues, or issues at work, and just like the environmental storms, we have little control over calming them. The only thing we can be totally confident about is our ability to take responsibility for keeping ourselves calm.

Practice calm in your life. The storms will ultimately pass.

Have a great week!

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