Saturday, March 26, 2016

As Random As It Gets...

Hey there! 

I hope you are enjoying your (hopefully) long weekend.

So thankful for the reason we celebrate Easter! 
He is risen indeed!

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 Kristi and I are getting ready to go to our very first teacher-blogger meet-up. We are so excited to get together with other Big Heartland Bloggers for a day of fun. 

I made these business cards on Vista Print:

We are also trying to come up with ideas on what we could take for the goodie bags at the meet-up. 

What would you love to get???

Here's my new foundation routine... 

I warned you this was random...

I had snapped the picture for my fashionista niece to show her what I had picked up at Sephora, and when I went back through my phone looking for pictures to blog about...well, now you understand. 

Our Spring party day started with birthday donuts from one of my sweeties...yum!

We were only mildly hyper after that.   
Funny story about that crazy day...they had to squeeze me in at the doctor's office. It was right in the middle of the day, so my principal covered for me from 11:00 to 1:00 and the kids were at lunch for 30 minutes of that time. When I got back and said something about how fast I was only being gone 2 hours (30 minutes driving both ways), he said, "I've only been here for 2 hours! I'm exhausted!"

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world! ;-)

 Since KU plays in the Elite 8 today...

These were a couple of my cuties decked out in KU for the Sweet Sixteen game on Thursday. 

 It was a struggle coming back from Spring Break...especially since I hadn't planned on being there (my shoulder surgery was post-poned) and it was a short, crazy week with the party day. 

Here's hoping I feel a little more prepared for next week!


  1. Being in the classroom (even for 2 hours) can be pretty exhausting (especially with the "right" combination of kids). That was certainly nice of your principal to do that for you. :)

    1. Yes, it was! And this bunch is definitely exhausting! ;-)


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