Monday, June 1, 2015

Project Completed

Yay!  I finally finished one of the projects that I wanted to get done this summer.  We purchased a new comforter for our bed several months ago and our curtains didn't match it.  I looked at various curtains and also roman blinds.  After looking, I realized that roman blinds cost way too much for us and curtains aren't cheap either.  I found some diy on making your own roman blinds so I decided to give it a try.  I used the curtains that we had and started by using rit dye to dye them a color that would match our comforter.  This was scary in itself because I had never used dye before.  I was thrilled when it turned out the color that I wanted.  My husband even kept bought these didn't you?  He didn't believe at first that they were actually our old curtains.  Now, I'm thinking of all the things that I want to dye....LOL!

I then purchased cheap vinyl blinds from Wal-Mart and got started.  Of course, they make it look easy and say it is fast and simple.   UMMMMMM......not for this not crafty person.   It took awhile but once I got the hang of it and got one done, the other 2 weren't so bad. I also had a great helper that was very helpful in making the blinds......NOT!!!   My cat thought he needed to come assist and  by assist I mean come and lay on the blinds and play with strings!

The finished result wasn't too bad and considering that each roman blind that I made cost me around $5 a piece, I was pretty happy about it!

I will say when I finished the 3 blinds, I was pretty tired and so was my helper as you can see below!

The following is the directions that I used to follow to make these blinds.  

Sorry that this has nothing to do with education, but this week is a pretty busy week for me and I decided that I'm taking a break from school stuff and will get back to it next week.  

Have a great day!

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  1. These look nice -- and thanks for the link. We've just moved my college daughter into her own place, and I need to make some of these. Glad you got something off your to do list! Sara


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