Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Need a Vacation from Summer Vacation...

You laugh (or maybe throw rotten tomatoes if you're still in school)…but I'm so serious!

I have yet to have a completely "plan free" day since I finished up school. This week has been especially busy.

We have been working on my bathroom and laundry room remodel. We took an extra bedroom off the dining room and divided it into a small bathroom and laundry room.

This has been a long time coming…

Here's some before pictures:

This is my handsome husband. He worked for my father's stucco business for 10 years before following his passion for cars. He returned to school and became an automotive technician.

 Construction Experience + Auto Experience = Handy Husband

I really should have had pictures of the bare studs because that is how far we have come in the last two weeks!

Here's the before pics on tile day:

That "today" was for last Saturday when we tackled the tiling project. It POURED all day--which was fine--until we worked our way out the back door. I was in charge of cutting the tile and the saw was outside on our front porch. By the end of the day, I was walking from the back door to the front porch to make the cuts in shin deep water and drenched from all the rain. It seriously would have made an enjoyable "selfie" picture for you, but…no…just no.

Oh, and praise the Lord, we had enough tile. We literally came down to the last piece! Yikes! I was praying that I didn't mess up on those final cuts!

Here's the finished bathroom tile job:

Today we continue the work. Well, I should say my husband continues the work. He is installing the vanity and sink, toilet, and the ceiling treatment I wanted. I will share more pictures as we finish up and I begin decorating.

I'm so anxious for this remodel to be complete!

We have had a 2nd bathroom only once in our 19 years of marriage--and that was for 1 year while we lived in Phoenix and the kids were small. Now with two teenagers, that 2nd bathroom will be even more appreciated!

I also have never had a "finished" laundry room. Our other homes just had laundry closets and this one has always been unfinished, so I'm chomping at the bit to get in there and think about what will make the space the most useful.

The remodel, running around with the kids, and catching up on appointments that were put off during school have kept me busy.

I *think* I will get a little more down time this week…that is if I can get used to the idea of my kids driving to the school by themselves for basketball camp. Chaz now has a restricted license…still getting used to that idea. He won't be able to participate in camp (the knee injury), but his coach wanted him to come and help out.

I guess I do have one "school/teachery" thing to share.

If you have purchased our Robot pack in the past, you will want to redownload (either at TPT or TN). I updated the calendar included this morning to be July 2015-June 2016.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a sweet, handy husband. Congrats!

  2. Your husband looks so excited to be working and getting his picture taken. Ha! In all seriousness....the remodel looks AMAZING! Having a second bathroom and a designated laundry room will be so great!

    Mind Sparks

    1. Katie, you're right. He just loves when I get the camera out! Ha!


  3. Love the tile -- it's going to be just wonderful for you when you get done!


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