Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wisdom for Wednesday-Let God

Welcome to this week's:

What a very simple statement that says a lot and seems like it would be so easy to do.  Unfortunately, for me this simple statement is one of the hardest things for me.  I often wonder why I don't always go to this quote and follow it at all times.  Instead, I will often look to my own "fixes" to problems instead of going straight to God.  For example, just today I had to take my car in because my air conditioner stopped working (ugghhh and it's 100 degrees today).  So what did I do?  I worried, stressed and thought about it and how much it may cost to fix it.  Instead, it would have been so much easier to just go to God first and pray about it and let it go.  I need to learn to do that more often.  I did find out that my ac compressor has gone out and it will cost $540 to get it fixed.  Once I heard this, I did go to him and I am working on letting it go.  Such a simple, powerful quote, but is one that is hard for me to do. 

Have a great day! 

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