Friday, June 26, 2015

Five for Friday (on time)!

Good Morning!

I'm so excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs ON TIME for Five for Friday! 

Somebody give me an M&M.

Not really. 

More about THAT below!


I spent Monday and Tuesday at a CHAMPS workshop. 
I've seen CHAMPS posters all over the internet and was curious about it. I knew it was about setting clear expectations--which I am all for.

This picture is a quote from the book that combines two of what I feel are my "keys" to classroom management.

My 3 Keys:
1. Build relationships with my students.
2. Set clear expectations.
3. Be consistent.

CHAMPS is an acronym for:
C - Conversation
H - Help
A - Activity
M - Movement
P - Participation
S - Success (because CHAMPS sounds better than CHAMP--Ha!)

The book was great--much more than just CHAMPS. It was about evaluating your whole management plan. While I felt the book did a good job of encouraging you to think through your system and evaluate its effectiveness, the presenter added a lot of her own beliefs about it. Hence the M&M comment above--she said give them an M&M a lot!

Don't misunderstand, I'm all for positive praise and reinforcement and love the emphasis the book put on making sure you are noticing and responding to MORE positive things than you are the negative. The ratio they suggest is 3:1.

I'm just not crazy about giving kids "stuff" when they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. 



Okay, now for a few "pins" I found for CHAMPS that I like (and why). The pictures link to the pins if you want to check them out.

{Freebie} Polka dot themed voice level poster... I'm going to use this for my "CHOMPS" board

Voice Level - Because we teach our own specials and have each other's kids, I think it would be WONDERFUL for us to use common language. This voice level would be great! I did like the way the presenter explained a 1--have the kids feel their throat, no movement, while whispering. 

Hallway+Champs.jpg 480×640 pixels

Hallway - For the same reason as above, I'd love to use CHAMPS for common areas...hallway, lunch room, bathrooms, etc.

Colorful Champs Poster for classroom management.

In my classroom, I feel my expectations are VERY clear for our reading block because I go over all of these things when training the kids for Daily 5. I don't do it as much for the other activities in my classroom, just do a lot of practicing and reminding until they "get it." CHAMPing the other activities, such as teacher instruction, independent work, and my math groups makes sense. 


Call this a public service announcement... 

We've made an effort to limit "sugary drinks" this summer, and my kids are not buying into my idea. LOL! This poster was hanging at the workshop center, so I had to snap a shot. Of course, I promptly texted to my kids. Hee hee!
Oh, and we are just ignoring the "Creamy Coffee Drink" at the bottom. 


Meet my new friend, the StairMaster:

We joined the Y for the summer so Chaz could continue his knee rehab. We've been several times, and the StairMasters (new since we were members when we lived in town) are always taken. Yesterday, they were finally open and I gave it a try. 

10 minutes.
32 floors.
Sweat dripping off me.
Legs and buns burning.
Heart pumping.

I'm in love. Really.

You see, I have this thing with my heart rate. It doesn't go up enough to get in the zone unless I am really KILLING it. I mean, before the 10 minutes on the StairMaster, I was on the Elliptical for 30 minutes and no big change to the heart rate (and this was only day 2 of working out after being out of town, not able to, etc. for 2 weeks).

Doctors and nurses always ask if I'm a the heart rate thing does run in our family. Maybe that explains Chaz being a runner.

Anyway, as soon as I can walk again--LOL!--you can find me on the StairMaster.


Last, but not least. 
#DaretoDream for the #TPTSellerChallenge

I struggled a bit putting my "dreams" into words.

Honestly, Kristi and I started our store with very low expectations. We were making things for our classrooms and thought, "Why not?" We listed some things hoping for a little spending money, so this TPT thing has definitely exceeded our expectations and we're pretty content with that.

I have to be careful though. I'm an "all-in" kind of person. I don't do anything halfway. Sometimes I see others really "working their business" and think I need to do the same. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone or not... I have to remind myself that their goals are not my goals. That it is okay that this is just a little side business that Kristi and I enjoy. I don't want to be so busy with it that I no longer enjoy my true passion--which is TEACHING.

This is getting really long. 
I'm sorry. 
Stick around for an M&M. I'm wrapping it up!

My first two goals are constantly at war! 

We live in a fixer-upper. While we've done A LOT, there is more to be done. When we have extra money, there is a struggle of whether to pay down debt or fix something at the house. Sometimes we don't have a has to be fixed. But we'd really like to do both! Ha!

Vacation! We haven't taken the kids on a true vacation since they were 3 and 4. It doesn't bother them...but I'd like to take a family vacation before they graduate and we're running out of time. I'll have a freshman and sophomore this year! Yikes!

Thanks for sticking with me! #TeachMiracles

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  1. I've never heard of CHAMPS, but it sounds like you learned a lot. I like the idea of the 3:1 ration of positive praise/reinforcement to negative things noticed. I'm going to try that this year and try to be more aware. Thanks for sharing what you leafed.
    Polka Dot Palace

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie! The book suggests recording yourself or having someone observe and just track your positive to negative interactions...that would be good for us all, I think.


  2. Dripping sweat is a great thing. I'm glad you found a new best friend at the gym!

    1. Ha! I'm up to 65 floors now. We are getting along so well. :-)


  3. I think the CHAMPS idea is a great one! However, I'm with you with rewards. I'm all about verbal praise and occasional treats, it makes it more meaningful!

    I keep seeing all of these goals and I'm quickly adding to my personal list of goals, which is kind of funny because it's like I'm stealing ideas! I think though that part of dreaming big is seeing things that make you excited to want them too! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that is a complete A-Z person and not an A-K person. It is so hard not to take on too much sometimes! It gets me into trouble...

    I loved your post and look forward to reading more!
    Just Keep Teaching

    1. Oh, Lindsay! Taking on too much gets me into trouble more often than I'd like to admit! Ha!



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