Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer To Do List Begins

I am now officially on summer break!  I have to say that my first day off was Friday and I was lazy! I layed on the couch and watched movies for most of the day.  

Now comes the summer projects.  It seems like every summer I have so many things that I want to get done and I get overwhelmed and never end up getting them all done.  This summer, I decided to tackle my projects a little different and I believe it may help me to stay focused and not get so overwhelemed.  I started by making a list of everything that I would like to get done this summer.  My goal is to do at 1-2 things on that list each day and cross it off.  I have already started it and have been able to do it so far and the best part is I'm not overwhelmed!  For me, having the list is nice and seeing things get crossed off that list is also very helpful.  But, I think the best part about it for me is that I'm not going to get overwhelmed because I tend to start a lot of projects and spend all day on them.  This way I can go at a slower pace and not get so burned out with the projects......I hope.  :-)  

Have a great day!

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