Friday, March 27, 2015

Wisdom for Wednesday (I mean Friday!)

So this is the first week back to work after spring break, and I have been complaining that my kiddos have forgotten things (like how to alphabetize--wait, maybe they were never very good at that one--and how to do subtraction with regrouping). They have just been off this week!

Well, apparently so am I! I knew at the beginning of the week this was my week for the Wisdom post, but I completely spaced it until I sat down to work on my Friday post. Guess the kids aren't the only ones having trouble getting back into the routine!

So thanks for your patience and I'm glad you're here for this week's:

This particular print is actually for sale on Etsy

I spotted a version of this quote on Instagram this week, and I was immediately intrigued. As I started researching it, I became even more interested when I found out it was authored by Jim Elliot. If you don't know, Elliot (October 8, 1927-January 8, 1956) was a missionary to Ecuador, where he and his missionary friends were killed by Auca warriors when they went to try and witness to them. Later Jim's wife, Elisabeth, returned to that village to minister to the people. Amazing story of God's grace and forgiveness if you ever want to find out more!

Anyway, when I first read it, I thought of how I am often distracted by all that is going on in my life. I am constantly trying to "multi-task" in order to get everything done. The quote made me think of times when I am with my family and I am also trying to "work." It also made me think of the times when I allow my phone to be a distraction from my present company. I try really hard to ignore the alerts and texts that come in while I am in conversation with others because I find it so rude when people I'm talking to are checking their phone. I also know I'm guilty of it--sadly, it most often happens to my family. I think we all have a tendency to take our family for granted. :-(

However, once I found out the quote was by Jim Elliot I knew the meaning went much deeper. Here's what the rest of this quote says, "Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God." 

I know my first thoughts still apply, but now with more information it also makes me examine my "situations," my activities. Are they all the will of God? Am I wasting my time--God's time--with some of my endeavors? Are the things that keep me so busy and distracted things I want to do or are they the will of God? 

Those are my thoughts for today. Have a happy Friday!

P.S. My real Friday post will be up tomorrow! :-)

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