Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break = March Madness, Physical Therapy, and a Photo Project

It's my spring break, so I won't apologize for this being completely and totally unrelated to teaching.

I've done a lot of this...

After yesterday, I was a little worried about my Jayhawks and the Big 12 but today we are 2/2 so far. Woohoo! And yes, sadly, I do sit and watch the games all day flipping from one to the other during time-outs, etc. What can I say?

I've also done a lot of…taking care of Chaz. I'll admit that at the beginning of the week this mom was exhausted! On Monday he was frustrated, realizing for the first time how difficult and long this recovery will be. He perked up after a reminder of Who was in control and has made a lot of progress over the last few days. We even had good news yesterday at therapy! The therapist said that because he was doing so well with his exercises at home we can back down our visits from 3 per week to 2 per week. This is HUGE for us (when you live 30 minutes from town).

My daughter actually took on a project in between watching games and helping take care of her brother - HA! She changed out a display in her room that my sister made for her about 7 years ago. She has always had a love for horses. This picture shows the old pages with a "borrowed" horse.

She was so little!

Here's the new display:

She's growing up too fast--and no more borrowed horse! ;-)

I took all these pictures with my iPhone. When we went to develop them, they made me sign a release because they looked too professional. Cool, huh?

She wrote this poem for her "old guy."

That's all I've got…back to basketball for me! If you're on break, I hope you're enjoying it. If you're not there yet, hang in there! :-)

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