Saturday, March 7, 2015

Five for…Well, You Understand!

Good morning! What a week this has been! 

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs to show you some of the highlights. 

We celebrated Read Across America Week with dress-up days. Each day was something different and comfortable (my favorite part). On Wacky Wednesday, we were all "Things."

I'm the large one--in the middle. They stuck me in the middle and crowded around, all turned to the side and looking skinny. Obviously, they are more skilled at taking pictures than me! Ha! I didn't even think about it until I saw it plastered on Facebook (thanks, Debbie!) so I figured I'd share it on here too. Might as well, right?
By the way, I was Thing 23 with a trivia question. 
What famous basketball player wore this number? 

So for fun…you can play too. First three to respond correctly WITH an e-mail can pick a freebie from our store. Leave me a comment below. :-)

On Friday, we wrapped up our celebration week by dividing up our 48 (yes, 48) K-2 students among three teachers and two fabulous paras. Each of us did an activity centered around a Seuss book and then we rotated kids every 25 minutes.

Last year, I was ambitious and made Oobleck…fun and messy!

This year I wanted something a little simpler and I found this graph online at Oopsey Daisy for One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. The graphing activity was great, but I was bored with the book after reading it to the third group and my tongue was thoroughly twisted! In the last two groups, I let the students take turns reading and that was fun for me…hearing those future second graders reading. :-)
My class has started exploring MobyMax!
This note is from my little gifted student. She is always leaving me notes on papers. Moby has been great for her because she is really being challenged! Equivalent fractions--yikes!
Stay tuned…giveaway coming soon. :-)

If you have an iPad, you must check out this app! It will put whatever is on your computer on your iPad so you can use it remotely. PERFECT for me since my projector is at the front of the room and my computer is at the back of the room.

I have this brilliant little mind in my class who told me about it. He is amazing with technology. I mean, really. The possibilities for him are exciting…I hope he remembers me when he becomes a millionaire. I'll be able to say I was his second grade teacher! :-) He got me all set up at recess yesterday and I am so excited to use this app more!

The highlights of the week would not be complete without a basketball picture. This is of my daughter, Harley, (left) and niece (right) last summer. They have been "separated" this season with Harley in middle school and my niece in high school. 
We spent Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at sub-state basketball this week. We were lucky enough to host it at our school so that was fun. I love watching the girls team because I coached most of them back when they were little and we cheered on my son's team (even though he is out with that knee injury). Both teams made it to the semi-finals and fought hard against the #1 teams in the tournament, but weren't able to pull out the wins.

After the girls lost, my niece said she was sad to have the season end, but excited that her next game would be with Harley on her team again. Harley feels the same way. I love that they are so close and share a passion for the game. 

 Well, that sums up my week! 

Next week is a short one for me...I'll be out Wednesday and Thursday for my son's knee surgery. Friday officially starts our Spring Break. :-)


  1. Michael Jordan

  2. #23 was Michael Jordan :-) (I'm impressed I didn't even need to look that one up!) I love all the different things you did for Read Across America week. It's wonderful the two girls are so close! Our rec basketball tournaments are this weekend and I just finished cheering on high school states wrestling! It never ends :-) I hope your son's knee surgery goes well and he's back again soon. My nephew lost half his senior football season this year to a torn MCL so I know how hard it is! Sending good thoughts your way! ~ Lisa

  3. I can't believe you don't have 3 responses! Michael Jordan.


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