Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wisdom for Wednesday - An ideal, principle, or a Person?

Hi there! I'm a little late...I had it on my mind all morning that I needed to post this. Then the day got away from me and I completely forgot when I got home from church. We are having our Missions Conference this week--along with celebrating our 60th anniversary (our church, not my husband and I)! It was a great service and I'm excited about what the rest of the week will bring. A lot of old friends coming back to town for the celebration... :-)

Anyway, take a look:

I believe Tozer is right when he says there are millions of Christians loving an ideal, being loyal to the principle of Christianity. 

They are missing the Person behind Christianity--Jesus Christ.

What motivates us to be a Christian? 

What is behind the things we do and say that we believe represent Christ? 

Is it just ideal and principle...or do we need to get to know the Person behind it all?

It's a good reminder for me to examine my motivation, to not let my Christianity become automatic, and to remember the Person--not just the principles. Even the celebration at my church would be in vain if it isn't centered around The Lord Jesus Christ.

What's behind your Christianity? Have you gotten to know the Person?

Thanks for joining us for another:

Have a great day!


  1. What a great quote to reflect on!
    :) Sarah

    1. I know. :-) I've been mulling it over all week!


  2. I believe to that it's all about relationship instead of going through the hoops. By the way, I love that your church is 60 years old. A few years ago my church celebrated 75 years. It's wonderful to be part of a longstanding legacy.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Yes, relationship is what it's all about! We are praising the Lord for 60 years and praying for many more. Congrats on 75 years!



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