Monday, October 27, 2014

The Learning Station FUN!!!

I have just found this cool site that is great for the little ones to take a brain break!  Throughout the day we take some brain breaks which there seems to be a lot of them on youtube and pinterest.  I recently found the learning station and the kids absolutely love them!  Today we did the monster shuffle and they wanted to do it every time we took a brain break!  :-)  

They have several different ones and you can find them at

On a side note, if you read our latest blogs, Crystal and I have both been fighting sinus infections.  Well, I have a new drink that I am starting to have daily.  One of the teachers in our building said that he started drinking it daily last year and he hasn't gotten sick since then.  HMMMM.....I think it is worth a try.  So, here it is.....
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (UGGHHH) and add some drops of lemon essential oil (or whatever kind you like-this is just so you don't taste the apple cider vinegar as much), add water and drink up.  I'm hoping this works and I won't be sick the rest of the year!  :-)

I was also very excited because my coffee pot broke about a month ago and I found one on sale that you can program it to make coffee at a certain time (my old one was really cheap and didn't do!).  So, this morning it was so nice to wake up to the fresh smell of brewed coffee.  I forgot how much I've missed it!  I think it even helped me to wake up a little better at 5:00 am for my morning workout at the YMCA!

Hope you are having a great week!  

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