Monday, October 6, 2014

They go in 3's

Well, have you heard that saying that once one household appliance breaks, 2 more follow?  Unfortunately, it came true for me. Here is what all broke on me: 


1.  My dishwasher that I have had for 5 years.  The control panel went out on it and when I checked to see how much it would cost for just that was $300.....why are those parts so expensive?  My husband and I decided that it would probably be best just to invest in a new one since the control panel part was so expensive.  I was ready to buy, but we had started to do Dave Ramsey's financial peace last year and if you are familiar with it, he says that your emergency savings account is for emergencies only.  Well, to me this was like an emergency, but really it was just me being LAZY!  So, we decided that if we wanted a new dishwasher, then we would just have to save our money for one.  

The best part about this is that after a couple of weeks, we looked on ebay and found a control board and panel that was white but the individual had painted it black.  It was only $22, so we decided to get it. We thought it may not look the best because it had been painted, but we were fine with that as long as it worked.  When we got it my husband was actually able to take the board out and transfer it to our original panel and it worked!!!!!!   YAY!  Now, I have a working dishwasher and it only cost $22 in the end.  The funny thing is that I developed the habit of washing dishes by hand, so I've still done that a few times.  :-)

2.  My coffee pot that I've had for about 7 years was the next one to go.  It was probably time for it to go out.  It was a cheap one that I bought for about $10.  :-)  I haven't replaced it yet.  Maybe on next payday.  

3.  My dyson vacuum :-(.  

I have had this vacuum for about 10 years and thought it was broke a couple of years ago because the cord broke on it.  Luckily my hubby was able to fix that for me.  This has by far been the best vacuum cleaner that I have ever owned.  The hose on it where the suction is broke.  My hubby tried to fix it and thought he had it but it didn't work.  :-(  I'm still hopeful that maybe if he messes more with it that he will be able to get it fixed.  Unfortunately these vacuums are very expensive so I'll have to save up for one.

On a school note, I was told about these neat pumpkin plants at Growing in Pre K.  We have been talking about plants and seeds in Science and I thought this would be fun to do with the kids.  I wanted to see if anyone else has tried it.  I just don't want the pumpkin to rot in my room.  :-)
Open a pumpkin.  Leave the "guts" inside.  Add some soil, and just a little water.  Look at all of the pumpkin plants that we'll have. Great to do with kids.

Open a pumpkin. Leave the "guts" inside. Add some soil, and just a little water. Look at all of the pumpkin plants that we'll have. 

Have a great week!

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  1. I was trying to think which would be worse - the dishwasher or the vacuum, but I guess it would have to be the vacuum because my hub-bub does the dishes :).
    The pumpkin looks pretty cool - I never thought about it starting to stink. That would be good to know - lol!


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