Saturday, October 18, 2014

Field Trip Exhaustion and Volleyball Mom

I survived the Pumpkin Patch! 

We went on our field trip yesterday and it was great. I had so many parents come along I didn't even have a group of kids with me. I just walked around and checked on the why was I so exhausted? I came home and took a nap! Ha!

This morning, I put on my "volleyball mom" shirt and headed to the league tournament for my daughter's middle school team.

Kansas sunrise...It was a beautiful sunrise as I drove to the tournament.

Our team went into the tournament 9-1 and ranked 1st in our league. We played pool play in the East Division, avenged our only loss for the season, and came out 5-0 for the day. Monday we will play in the league semi-finals (east and west) and hopefully advance to the finals. :-)

So proud of these girls! My daughter is #25.

Finally relaxing a bit tonight...catching up on Person of Interest. Tomorrow is the finale to our Missions Conference and 60th Anniversary at church. Then next week parent teacher conferences...can't believe how fast this year is going!

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