Friday, September 19, 2014

Small Groups in Action!

Daily 5 is in full swing! Hooray! 

I met with groups today to play some games (I usually like to focus on writing or individual conference on Fridays--soon I hope). Here's one group playing 'I Have...Who Has...?' with our Unit 1 words (check out our store for lots of games). They love this game!

I'm pretty pleased with our first week of Daily 5...just a few things we need get better at. This class really does a great job!

I'm very excited to start guided math next week. We practiced math rotations this week, so I plan to start pulling groups with a focus on place value. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new way of structuring my math block will help my kiddos!

It just feels good to be settling into routines. I know you know what you mean! 

Have I shared this app?

I love using it to pick kiddos in small groups or in music class--best of all, it was free! Check it out!

Now...I have to get off here and do some grading... Ugh!

Have a great weekend!


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