Monday, June 2, 2014

Completely Random Without (I mean with) Apology :)

As the title suggests, this post is completely random. 

You see, it is quite difficult to think of a blogging topic relevant to education when I am trying so desperately to not think about school. 

Please forgive me...and don't stop following us. 


I promise I will be inspired to share a useful post soon...probably. ;-)

Random Thought #1:

Did you know you can get burnt on your ice maker?

You can. 

And here is proof...two weeks later... Still OUCH!

Random Thought #2:

Planning a Pinterest party is a lot of work! 

Kristi and I (and her new coteacher, since it is not me anymore, and she also happens to be a good friend of mine, and yes, I still miss working with those girls even though my new coworkers are fun too--excuse the run-on sentence) are having a Pinterest party at my place on Thursday. I'm quite certain it is going to be a blast. We are making seasoning mixes, some cool crafts picked out by that crafty coteacher and friend, and trying some new recipes. We invited all our school friends to celebrate summer. 

Random Thought #3:

The volleyball skill that declines the fastest without practice is the one that seems the simplest...the toss.

I went with my daughter to volleyball practice today and jumped right in to play with the middle school and high school girls. If I haven't told you, I played in college and have coached many times since then. 

I was quite frustrated to find that my tossing is very inconsistent, which makes my serve very inconsistent. And that along with the throbbing pain in my shoulder makes me feel old.

Random Thought #4:

I'm going to camp again with the youth group from our church. It is in Colorado and quickly approaching... Last year, as I tried to sleep on the extremely hard bunk bed, I realized that I am old. I have made preparations to make my bed more comfortable this time. I bought an egg crate thingy and a twin mattress pad. Now if I can just claim a bottom bunk, I should be all set! 

Okay, enough.

If you're still with me, bless you.

I hope you're enjoying your summer--or winding down your school year.

Have a great week!


  1. Hope your finger feels better soon! (and no, I didn't know an ice maker could burn you!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Fun bunch of random thoughts! Sara

  3. Random is good:)
    The Pinterest party sounds like a blast!
    And no, I didn't know an ice maker could burn. That looks nasty! I hope it feels better soon.

  4. Today was my last day of school. Thanks for the randomness. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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